Still Life “Guilty Secret”

Guilty Secret

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Exercise Materials

Latin Flower Market Illustration

Inspiration Martina Paukova.

Like her, I used vectors and colorful colors. Tryed to played with the flat images and put a lot of objects.

Flower Market

Inspiration Jim Avignon.

I used materials like cardboard and acrylic paintings. The painting name is Flower seller and it´s a kind of different approach because  it is a stereotype. I tryed to traduce this topic to Jim Avignon´s style.

Flower seller

Martina Paukova

She studied politics in Slovakia before she became an illustrator.  She started to draw people putting it into different spaces where the “flatness” of the enviroment and the big number of elements she introduced to her illustration makes me remember the search and found books for children which I love.

The slovakian imagery has influenced somehow in her developement. The color and the style can be related with slovakian tradition. Although she has reach a strong style, representing people in different situations, she keeps trying to represent other objects in new ways playing with space.

She is definitly one of my favorite illustrators.

Sunday Times


Illustrators – Jim Avignon

Jim Avignon (Germany)

I like this artist because he still uses flexible materials and because he keeps going since 25 years with the same style. For him the content is the important part. He had made comercial work but at the end he prefer to do his art.

The work below is an appartment building in a place with many conflicts between the neighbors. He decided to paint a flower vase where the flowers are represented by the people who lived there showing that everybody is beautiful and nice and part of the hole.

There are persons, animals and even objects full of color and each one with with his own character, he wants to show that everything is included. The windows of the building are included in the work. When somebody looks through is automatically included and is part of the artwork.

Jim Avignon is an street artist and his style matches well in the context.


Jim_Avignon-Haus in Italy
Jim Avignon work – Haus

This video is in german but what I want to show is the process.  He paints with acrylics over linen canvas. But he practically paints over all.

Visual Space

The idea here is to arrange three different elements using a square format.

When the figure is smaller than the other elements looks that is lost or there is pressure from the other ones. When everything has different angles looks like the elements stand by their own, each of them, I mean every element become independent, with own life.

My favourite composition is  number 4. She is on the right down corner and the angle bring more drama and dynamism.

I have to say it was quite challenging and there are a lot of possibilities but it takes several steps to find the right one, I was trying and trying and at some point I saw everything the same, then I quit. I did this exercise a few days ago and when reopening the document, I realize almost immediately which one I like the best. It works to let the things for a few days, sometimes that´s not possible but if I have the possibility, I will do it.